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What is Life Designer

When we want to renovate, redecorate or redesign our living space, you have a choice of doing it by yourself or hire a professional fixer-upper, interior decoration or a creative designer. You will have a picture of “before” and “after.” The very first and most important step in the process is “Vision,” the step after will be how to begin which will be clearing and create the white canvas so you can recreate the new picture. Without this step, you will have no room, no space for anew. Our life is the same concept. To recreate, reinvent we need to declutter all that needs to be gone to bring anew.

Make Change

The Virina Method Model


ReCognize The Mind

Our beliefs have an impact on our lives. What you believe in is true to you. Thoughts create feelings. When you carry the thought repetitively, it becomes your belief and the feeling you feel from the thought you think, generating frequency vibrations at all times. If your life isn’t working, you will need to look at your belief system and the feelings you feel in your daily life. In order to move forward, you need to clear the beliefs which have been holding you back, cleaning up negative emotions, letting go of resentment, regret, and rejection. There’re solutions. It needs your decision!

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ReConnect The Body With Movements

Our body exists for a reason; we breathe, we move, it helps us to be present with our inner self. Mindful Meditation practice the mind to be aware, which means we can manage our mind, our thoughts, and our emotions. Our body builds as the first guard for our protection. It protects us by taking on all the emotions we experience. But how much do our body can take? Over time, it becomes overwhelming and weak. You can quickly and easily Re-Connect your body & mind, Re-Align your head & your heart, and balancing your masculine & feminine by moving your body!

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ReCreate New Design With New Vision

When you have a vision, you can see what it looks like; you can feel what it feels like. Clear Vision will lead you to Victory when you know where you are and knowing where you want to go. Clear Vision can lead you to the destination, and with the tools, you can get there quicker. Virina Method is the template, the formula that will help you accelerate your results. Creating a life you desire is taking courage, commitment, and discipline. It involves time, money, and energy. Learning never ends. Become your own Coach or your own Healer is the best way to keep yourself intact!

  • Amazing Life Journey

    Amazing Life Journey

    Since I discovered how the universe works, my life has not been the same.

    Virina Rohland

  • V - Vision

    V - Vision

    It begins with a VISION. 

  • I - Ignite

    I - Ignite

    Ignite your vision with passion and take a step toward your vision when the inspiration thought occurred.

  • R - Rhythm

    R - Rhythm

    Listen to the guidance, Feel the timing, Keep adjusting and knowing you are getting closer.

  • I - Integrate

    I - Integrate

    Ease and Grace would be an indication of the manifestation. You feel in alignment with what you want in the moment of integration.

  • N - Natural

    N - Natural

    It should be easy and simple. Love, Joy, and Abundance is your birthright. It's your natural state. It's Oneness.

  • A - Aliveness

    A - Aliveness

    You become Alive at your birthright. You are Health, You Are Wealth, You Are Beauty, You Are Love, You Are Abundance!

  • V.I.R.I.N.A - VIRINA Method

    V.I.R.I.N.A - VIRINA Method

    VIRINA Method Is A Formula Of Creating A Life You Desire!

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