Taking You Step By Step From Vision To Victory

From Vision to Victory

The Virina Method is a template for creating a life you desire.

The V.I.R.I.N.A method, each letter is the step that will prepare you from where you are now to where you want to be.

  • Vision


    V - Vision, to achieve what you desire you need to know what you want is the first step. Without clarity of it, you will have a difficult to manifest.

  • Ignite


    I - Ignite, after you have a clear vision of what you want. You need to take action but the action you take is not only come from your logic head thinking.

  • Rhythm


    R - Rhythm, everything is operating by divine timing. Listening to the rhythm of life will lead you to the destination easier than forcing through.

  • Intimacy - Integrate

    Intimacy - Integrate

    I - Intimacy and Integration, is the step of allowing. When you act on that clear vision you have with the inspiring thoughts and idea, with the flow of timing. You will allow everything to unfold with trust and faith. Take it in to be one of your feeling, not the doing.

  • Natural


    N- Natural, a state of nature. Being one with your true self and embrace all things into oneness which is a natural state of universal energy.

  • Aliveness


    A- Aliveness, a true state of being, being who you are, who you suppose to be as you have shifted what's not you away. You remember your path and purpose on this journey.

V2V90X program

 Vision2Victory 90 days program - Transformation in 90 days

Vision2Victory 90 days program - Transformation in 90 days


In this V2V90X Course, you will begin the journey of cleaning up your past and getting unstuck with 3 hours of one on one personal healing session.  Follow by setting up your vision with the 3Rs program – Recognize – Reconnect and Recreate plus 2 hours of group webinar and group healings sessions. Then reprogram your mindset with the 3Ms program – Mind-Move-Meal 12 weeks course’s instruction to take you from where you are at, to the new vision you want to achieve. On top of that, you will receive a remote healing session each week to clear any blocks occurring during the program.

The original value is $3,800. I offer you the best cost of $25 per day. The total cost of $2,450

Here’re what you get:

1- One on One 3 hours personal breakthrough session value $ 820 

2- Group Webinar Session and Group Healing Session value $ 197 each x 2 sessions within the 90 days program total value of $394.

3- 12 sessions of Webinar’s recording contents and instructions 12 weeks program value $1,200

4- Bonus of 12 personal remote healing sessions by email or call one​ 20 minutes session each week for 12 weeks. Value of $1,400


You Can Heal Yourself 6 weeks Course Online

You Can Heal Yourself 6 weeks Course Online

You will learn all necessary steps, tips, tools, and techniques you need to begin the journey of healing yourself with full support. More information about this course is coming soon!

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Schedule will be posted as soon as we have a new date of the Meeting!

Schedule will be posted as soon as we have a new date of the Meeting!

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